It is Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, M.D. who discovered Young Barley Grass as a powerhouse of wide-spectrum of powerful nutrients that are most effective as an anti-oxidant that can reserve symptoms of mercury blood poisoning.

Age 38 after he himself was diagnosed with mercury poisoning; although he in into the medical and wellness profession; as a scientist and a pharmacist, after years of long exposure to organic and synthetic compounds it is inimitable for him to be exposed to harmful chemicals.
Year 1968 middle of his career, he is already a decorated accomplished scientist owning a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical company, the largest in Japan. It was that year Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara start suffering from acute symptoms of mercury poisoning aggravated by his childhood history of diseases attributed to malnutrition.

Mercury blood poisoning - irreversibly inhibits selenium-dependent enzymes and also inactivate with S-adenosyl-methionine, which is necessary for catecholamine catabolism by catechol-o-methyl transferase.

Due to the body's inability to degrade catecholamines a person compromised by mercury exposure will experience profuse sweating, palpitations, increased salivation, hypertension, peripheral neuropathy (itching, burning or pain and other sensations on the nerves) skin discoloration (pink cheeks, fingertips and toes), swelling, desquamation (shedding or peeling of skin), sensory impairment (vision, hearing, speech), dizziness, vomiting and lack of coordination.

In the effort to rehabilitate his-own health and with his strong vision to provide humanity, healthy options nature is already offering. Dr. Hagiwara dedicated the next 25 years of his career understanding the effects and results of pure organic food as an alternative recourse for quality health, prevention, treatment, and cure for chronic diseases, and remedies for irradiating, and reversal of toxic effect from chemical exposures.

We are limiting ourselves with the health and scientific findings, abstracts; test tube test analysis, clinical trails published by notable nutrition scientists, international food pharmaceutical organizations and health governing agencies.
There are existing series of medical studies that will back up - Young Barley Grass as preventive, treatment or cure food supplements and it is scientifically recognized with clinical studies and clinical trials in US, in Japan, in Taipei, in Taiwan and in China.
Anti-Aging Enzyme
Laboratory Studies -

Dr. Hagiwara's research and efforts to find a natural, organic, nutritional source that would have enzymatic action to counteract aging and disease was recognized by the International Foundation for Preventive Medicine at its second annual Conference on Reversing the Aging Process in November (Let's Live, March, 1982) , 1981, in New York.

Citation International Foundation for Preventive Medicine - natural, organic, nutritional source that would have enzymatic action to counteract aging and diseases, 1981, New York.

Laboratory Studies-- Further research on Superoxide Dismutase or S.O.D.
Molecular biologist Kenneth Munkres and his colleagues at the University of Wisconsin
(Science Digest) 1982, USA.

Laboratory Studies- - verification, further research on S.O.D.
Dr. Richard Cutler, a biophysicist at the National Institute of Aging- (New York Speech) 1982, New York

ORAC - Oxygen Radical Absorbance
Laboratory Studies / Test-tube analysis -

Health Outcomes and the Common Diseases of Aging- ORAC Identification on natural foods.
Floyd P. Horn, administrator, Agricultural 1999, USA.
Pesticides In Vitro
Laboratory Studies -

Dr. Shibamoto and Dr. Hagiwara isolated, identified, and studied the properties of a potent bioflavonoid antioxidant, named glycosylisovitexin (GIV), in young barley grass. They showed that GIV was particularly effective in preventing the free radical oxidation of fatty acids, fish oils, and lecithin caused by ultraviolet light or by chemically induced oxidative reactions in blood. GIV was also found to be effective in preventing the formation of two oxidation products of alcohol, acetaldehyde and malonaldehyde. Barley Grass Neutralizes Pesticides In Vitro- by Dr. Shibamoto and Dr. Hagiwara, 1990, Japan.

Degradation of organophosphorus pesticides from extracts of young green barley leaves.

Scientific Study - Janis J Durham, Joji Ogata, Sadatoshi Nakajima, Yoshihide Hagiwara, Takayuki Shibamoto; "Degradation of organophosphorus pesticides (malathion, chlorpyrifos, guthion, diazinon, methidathion and parathion) in aqueous extracts of young green barley leaves (Hordeum vulgare L)"; Department of Environmental Toxicology, University of California, Davis, CA 95616; Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture Volume 79, Issue 10, 1999, Japan.
Clinical Trials and Study -

"Green barley grass may help arthritis." Better Nutrition for Today's Living,
Reports that physicians have recommended green barley juice supplements as part of arthritis therapy. Response of patients to the barley treatments; Elimination of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. 1995, USA.

Leukemia Cancer
Laboratory Studies -

In an experiment at George Washington University, Goldstein and his colleagues exposed leukemic cancer cells to dehydrated barley grass extract. The extract killed virtually all of them. Encouraged, the researchers then subjected brain cancer cells to the extract. It eradicated 30 to 50 percent of these cells. In a third trial, the extract inhibited the growth of three types of prostate cancer cells by 90 to 100 percent. 1996, USA.

Prostate Cancer 
Laboratory Studies -

Dr. Allan L. Goldstein, Ph.D, George Washington Univ. Medical Center "Barley grass leaf extract dramatically inhibits the growth of human prostatic cancer cells grown in tissue culture. ...It may provide a new nutritional approach to the treatment of prostate cancer." April 1996, USA.

Skin Diseases
Clinical Trials and Study -

Skin diseases ranging from melanosis (darkening of the skin) to eczema. In one informal study, a Japanese dermatologist observed a group of 7.5 patients with skin diseases ranging from melanosis (darkening of the skin) to eczema. The patients who took barley grass extract healed faster than did those who did not. They also noticed improvements in appetite and bowel regularity.., by Betsy Block, NATURAL HEALTH Magazine - published Oct 1999, Washington USA.

Diabetes & Metabolism
Clinical Study & Laboratory Testing -

Yu YM; Chang WC; Chang CT; Hsieh CL; Tsai CE "Effects of young barley leaf extract and antioxidative vitamins on LDL oxidation and free radical scavenging activities in type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, the addition of vitamins C and E to BL can inhibit the Sd-LDL oxidation more effectively, which may protect against vascular diseases in type 2 diabetic patients, 2002, China.

Normalize Cholesterol Level - Hypertensive
Clinical Trials and Study / Laboratory Testing -

Dr. Ching-Min Tsai from the Graduate Institute of Nutrition and Food Science at Fu Jen University and the Department of Bioscience Technology at Chung Yuan University, 2002, Taiwan.

Support for Normal Cholesterol Levels and Inhibition of LDL Oxidation with a Diet Rich in Poly- or Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acids and Barley Grass Juice Powder.

The results indicate that supplementation with barley grass juice may help to lower cholesterol, scavenge oxygen free radicals, spare the LDL-vitamin E content, and inhibit LDL oxidation. Furthermore, there appears to be a synergistic inhibition of small, dense-LDL oxidation with the combination of barley grass juice and vitamins C and E, an effect that may promote good vascular function. 2002, China.

Yu YM and Tsai CE. LDL cholesterol and oxidation are significantly reduced in type 2 diabetic patients receiving a barley leaf essence supplemented olive oil diet. Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry [published by The Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology] Vol. 5 (1): 1-6, 2003, China.

Clinical Trials and Study / Laboratory Testing-

Barley Grass Supports Cardiovascular Function Bob Terry, PhD
People who regularly consume powdered organic barley grass juice supplements could be providing a boost to their cardiovascular system, according to research recently published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, (2002, Vol. 28, 107-114). OXNARD, CA, May 9, 2003, USA

Clinical Research: Barley Grass Helps Lower LDL Oxidation and Free Radical Activity in the Blood.
Green Foods Corporation, located in Oxnard, 2003, California.

(August 16, 2005) - "acts as a free radical scavenger."

---The researchers found that supplementation with barley grass reduced the levels of total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and oxygen free-radicals, in addition to protecting LDL-vitamin E content and inhibiting LDL oxidation. The authors noted that barley grass "acts as a free radical scavenger."

Leptin Appetite Suppressant
Research Study / Laboratory Testing -

On 9 adult-cows were initially fed on a diet of natural pasture, hay (69%) and barley (31%).
By using the "multispecies" commercial RIA, leptin concentrations were lower and we observed similar physiological responses, although less related toother hormones or metabolites. These data provide evidence, first, that a specific RIA for ruminant leptin determination is necessary to better understand leptin regulation, and second, that plasma leptin is strongly related to adipose cell size and positively related to feeding level in adult cattle, and that an effect of meal intake could be mediated by glucose and(or) ketone bodies. American Society of Animal Science., 2002, USA.

Weight Control
Research Study -

Green Barley Grass are vegetation that is anti-inflammatory, it gives your body a chance to achieve normal leptin levels. ALKALINE-FORMING FOODS. Most alkaline foods are plant-based proteins, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

Ahren, B. “Plasma Leptin and Insulin in C57BI/6J Mice on a High-Fat Diet: Relation to Subsequent Changes in Body Weight.” Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 165.2. Print., 1999 USA

De Heredia, F. P., S. Gomez-Martinez, and A. Marcos. “Obesity, Inflammation and the Immune System.” The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 71.2 : 332-8. Print., 2012 USA.